About Aggie Lal

Agnieszka "Aggie" Lal (@Aggie) is an Instagram travel influencer whose passion for travel and finding beauty in the world has shaped her career.

Born in Poland and currently residing in Los Angeles, Aggie is a global citizen who loves spending time in nature and chasing adventure while seeking inner peace and self-fulfillment.

Although she originally called her Instagram “Travel in Her Shoes,” the name was born out of her passion for learning about the peoples and cultures that make up our planet. Aggie not only shows the beauty of the world to her Instagram followers, but she also champions causes such as the better treatment of animals, more respect for indigenous people, and a kinder, gentler approach to sharing life together on our incredible planet.

With her charitable work, recyclable swimwear line, and a photo editing app, Aggie has shown that being an influencer is just one of many adventures of her globetrotting life.

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